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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

5 Ways To Customize Golf Apparel & Stand Out On The Course

Louise Morris

Choosing and wearing golf apparel is a long standing tradition that has spanned many generations. For many people, wearing a golf outfit is not just about being comfortable, it's about making a statement and standing out on the course. If you want to make an impact every time you golf, you have the opportunity to customize a variety of items instead of just wearing them on the course.

The following five items can easily be customized to match your style and make a statement each time you hit the green.

Customized Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are important for maintaining grip and control on the course, but they can also showcase your personal style. By choosing custom golf shoes, you have the ability to change a lot of the design options. The basic shoe is white and you can change almost every element on it.

  • Colors: Separate colors can be selected for the base of the shoe, the saddle, and the laces. Along with standard colors, you have the option of choosing from metallic finishes like silver and gold.
  • Monograms: Add personalized style with monogrammed initials on the thick sole of the shoe. Along with your initials, you have the ability to select the font and size of the monogram.
  • Logos: Clip art logos can be printed directly on the golf shoe. This can be anything from a golf ball or golf tee to a random logo like an animal.

Iron On Patches

Aside from colors or patterns, a lot of golf shirts look the same. It may be the uniformed look for a course, but you have the option of adding a little customization to the design. With a small patch, you can add something that represents your interests.

Iron on patches can represent anything like a favorite sports team, astrological symbols, or another interest like the logo of your favorite band. The small patch should go near the left breast of the shirt. This is where a lot of logos are typically ironed on for various apparel companies.

GPS Watches

Easily navigate your way around the course and do it in style. With a golf-enabled GPS watch, you have full access to course holes and can create a design that matches your apparel. When you are choosing a GPS watch, you have the ability to choose from a variety of watch bands.

Examples include leather bands, colored rubber bands, or watch bands with patterns like zebra print. As you select a band for the watch, consider getting the watch fitted exactly to your wrist. This will help prevent any distractions as you are taking shots on the course.


Some golf courses may be strict on the clothes you wear, but you can easily make a statement with the sunglasses that you have. A lot of sunglasses companies offer customization options where you can craft a pair of sunglasses completely from scratch. Browser-based builders allow you to select from a variety of features.

  • Frame: Choose from a variety of frames, including active wear, large lenses, or thick frames, for better security as you wear the sunglasses.
  • Lens: Choose the lens color and quality of the lens. A polarized lens offers protection against UV rays and helps eliminate glares while you wear the sunglasses.
  • Colors: The biggest customization you can make for your sunglasses is the color selection. Choose the color of the frames, ear grips, and logos on the glasses.


Golfing hats and visors are made from a lot of popular companies, but you can have a design that is completely created for yourself. There are two ways to customize a golf hat and look great on the course.

  • Custom Embroidery: An embroidery business can create all kinds of text on a hat, including your initials or the name of your golf team.
  • Screen Printing: Print logos and images directly on a hat with a screen printing process. This expands your options for designs. The screen printing is typically done on the front half of the hat.

With a little planning, you can have a custom golf outfit that can become a trademark every time you go to golf. Go to sites of local sporting goods stores to learn more.