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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

How To Customize Your Race Event Stations With Canopies

Louise Morris

Whether you are organizing a 5k or a marathon, it's a good idea to have customized canopies staged at various locations throughout the running course. Canopies not only provide a specific place for the different needs like water or first aid, they provide much needed shade on sunny days. Canopies can be customized with colors and verbiage to meet your needs and the needs of your contestants.

Keep the wording on the canopies simple and minimal. That way, the runners will be able to read them from a distance. Pay close attention to the colors for the various canopies and how they will be used. Here are a few ideas.

Registration Canopy in Green

Use green for the registration canopy to symbolize go. Have your race logo printed on the top of the canopy so it can be easily seen over a large crowd. You'll need a table and chairs for your runners to fill out their registration forms. Give the runners their race bibs after they've completed their forms.

Provide a baggage check so your runners can leave their vehicle keys and any bags they may need at the end of the race. The baggage check bins can be transported to the finish canopy at the end of the race. You'll want to post a large route map, which you can hang from one of the sides of the canopy. Note the locations of the other color-coded canopies and the portable toilets on the route map.

Water Stations in Blue

The color blue often symbolizes water, so it's a great choice for your water canopies. Choose a bright blue that will not blend in with any of the local surroundings along your race course. Officials for most major races, such as the Boston Marathon, space water stations every mile throughout the course.

From the beginning of the course through the last several miles, provide electrolyte sports drinks to your contestants. Water should be provided towards the end of your race. Speak with a fitness trainer or a physician who specializes in sports medicine for more information about which types of drinks to offer at various intervals along the race course.

First Aid Stations in Red

Red symbolizes emergency and is an easy-to-spot color for runners who may be delirious or feeling ill. You'll need a staff of medically trained personnel who will provide assistance at each first aid station. These individuals should remain under or near the red canopies. Provide moleskin, sunblock, aloe, power bars, water and fruit in the first aid stations. Place several cots and chairs under the canopies for runners to recover and stay out of the direct sunlight.

Finish Line Canopy in Yellow

Yellow symbolizes optimism and hope. Choose a bright yellow that can be seen from a distance so the runners will know that they've almost reached the finish line when they see it. The finish line canopy should be large to accommodate the runners who may linger afterwards while recovering.

Keep a stock of water and bananas to provide to your runners as they finish the race. It's important that your runners do not cool down too quickly, so provide them with Mylar blankets to wrap up in immediately after the race. This canopy is where you'll transport the items the runners checked as baggage at the beginning of the race. Provide seating so your runners will be able to change their footwear without having to sit on the ground.

Canopies that are custom-colored for the various locations and needs throughout your race course can help your runners easily identify where they need to go. Even with each type of station being color coded, it's still a good idea to customize each canopy with your logo and what type of station it is.