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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

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sporting equipment - storage, care and purchasing advice

How to Choose a Helmet for Horseback Riding

Louise Morris

Horseback riding allows you to interact with the great outdoors while taking in nature's beauty. This activity has become a favorite adventure for many women. If you are planning a horse riding excursion for your girlfriends, then you are going to need a helmet. Read on to find out how to choose women's horse riding helmets.

Use a Fitting Chart

A helmet protects your head from a fall, a kick, or from anything that you may encounter while riding. For your helmet to provide protection, it must fit comfortably, but firmly. If your helmet does not fit properly, then it will shift from side to side. For these reasons, you can benefit from using a fitting chart. A fitting chart allows you to use your hat size as a guide for choosing the right fit.

Get Your Head Measured

You will need a tape measure to measure the size of your head. The eyebrows are the largest margin for measuring the circumference of your head. The measuring tape should go above your eyebrows. Measuring this area will give you a starting size to help with choosing headgear. You can use this size with your fitting chart.  

Start Trying on Helmets

It is time to start trying on helmets after measuring your head. You want to get an idea about how the helmet feels on your head. There are also certain things you should look for when deciding on the right fit. The front edge of your helmet should sit above your eyebrows. You want it to sit leveled on your head.

Your head gear should also sit firmly on your head. You do not want it to roll backward and forward. If your helmet does move, then it should only move the skin surrounding your eyebrows. If the head gear doesn't even touch your forehead, then it is probably too large.

A good fit is when your helmet fits firmly around your head without causing any pressure or sensitivity. It is important to get the right fit from the start. If you are unsure about size, then you should ask the sales associate for help.

After finding the proper head gear, you can focus on getting to know your horse. If you are planning a girls' trip for horseback riding, then it is important to be safe. Talk to a sporting goods store in your area about finding the right size riding helmet.